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Entering Bliki

Igor just finished revamping our NerdAlert webpage - is know proudly run using a Bliki, a Frankenstein’s monster between a blog and a Wiki. I was sceptical at first because I could not see the advantages over the regular wiki we have used before. Man, was I wrong. I sold now. The Wikipedia as usual has the best explanation:

The main advantage of combining the two concepts, however, is in leveraging the utility of wikis at making connections between ideas; this effectively turns blog posts into proper wiki articles, but maintains the former's immediate nature. Thus, a bliki can evolve as a whole over time, and past information is not merely jettisoned into the aether and lost in the shuffle.

I think it is a perfect fit for our needs (documenting a monthly radio show and some additional activities). And the webpage looks sooooooo gorgeous now.

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Remembering the rain: A show about What The Hack

In tomorrow's NerdAlert we will talk about the wet four days of What The Hack. In particular we will rebroadcast a sort of "best of" of the shows we did for Subether Radio. Tune in for interviews with:

...and some singing nerds.

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Na Na Na Nerd Alert

We will do another episode of our radio show Nerd Alert tomorrow at 13:00. So if you are in the Hamburg area tune in to FSK at 93.0 FM. There should also be a stream available.

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