It's a shampoo world anyway

Travel ahead

I am traveling this week. First I will attend the OWASP Europe conference in Ghent to give a talk with Moritz on our static-analysis-evaluation-project. Then on Friday I will fly from Bruessels to Berlin for ph-neutral. If one of the three readers of this blog is at one of these events, let me know so that we can hang out and talk web sec.

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Heading towards ACM SAC'07

Tomorrow I'll leave Germany to attend the ACM SAC 2007 conference which takes place in Seoul/Korea this year. I will present our work on transparently countering code injection attacks via approximating data/code separation in String values.

In the unlikely event that one of the readers of this blog happens to be in Seoul next week or even at the conference - drop me a line and I will buy you a beer.

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Going to PacSec

Wow, tomorrow I will head off to Tokio to talk at PacSec. I have to remember to send the inventors of http a "thank you"-postcard. If they wouldn't have made http stateless, nobody would pay me a flight to Japan.

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