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Leaving SAP

Today is my last day at SAP. It has been a very interesting time. I learned a lot, worked on cool projects and met tons of nice people. And being a SAP employee is great for apartment hunting. Beginning April first I will join the Security in Distributed Systems Group at the University of Hamburg.

Leaving is always a sad thing but I am exited about my new job. I’m going to miss the wonderful view from SAP’s building on the harbor of Hamburg though. I won’t miss the weekly commute between Hamburg and Walldorf, that’s for sure.

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Moving pains

The last three weeks of my life were pretty much dominated by one single issue: The Move (tm). After collecting innumerable banana cartons (which are btw perfect for moving), living in between half packed boxes, exploiting all our friends and hurting my back on a daily basis it is finally done – the move is (almost) complete. Yesterday we said goodbye to the old apartment.

There is still no telephone or internet in the new flat and 2 (out of 3 1/2) rooms are still inhabitable but the new place already feels like home.

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April 2020
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