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Dienstag, 26. Dezember 2006

Using eval() in Greasemonkey scripts considered harmful

For some time now, there is a vague assumption in the web-security community that browser add-ons like e.g. Firefox extensions can cause security problems. On my flight back from PacSec, I decided to have a closer look on Greasemonkey scripts. I had already downloaded all available Greasemonkey-scripts from a while ago, but never got around to do anything with them. When I was skimming through the files, I noticed that eval() is used quite frequently. It didn't take long to find a userscript that passes non-sanitized user-provided data to a eval()-statement: Mailto Compose In GMail (with choice).

The userscript parses mailto hyperlinks and creates according compose-links to The parsing is done by a simple regexp:

nameValue = param.match(/([^=]+)=(.*)/);
emailTo = emailTo + "%2C%20" + nameValue[2];

These values are used in an eval() to create a new global variable:

eval("var " + emailUrlVarName + "
    = '"
    + (emailTo ... );

As there is no intermediate filtering step, injecting code into this eval is rather simple:

<a mailto="me@th)';your_js_code_here;//>name</a>

If a Firefox with the according userscript installed displays a webpage that contains such a mailto-link, the browser executes the injected JavaScript in the domain of the displayed webpage. Therefore the Greasemonkey-script creates a XSS-problem in all web applications that allow users to create arbitrary mailto-links (as e.g. the default installation of Wordpress does). Go here for a demo. Furthermore, these scripts are executed in the Greasemonkey domain, thus are allowed additional privileges like cross-domain XMLHttpRequests.

I don't consider this issue to be grave or critical. I don't expect the install-base of this particular userscript to be big enough to actually cause any exploitation. Nonetheless I think it is a good example how browser add-ons can create XSS-problems in web apps that are secure themselves.

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